What is the business and jobs market like in your country?

I am interested to find out the experiences of real people in different countries. People are hurting right now. But, some may be doing okay. Please share your stories here!

What sectors are booming?

What sectors are depressed?

What sectors are showing signs of improvement?

How are you coping with unemployment in your country?

What are your hopes, vision for now and the future?

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    • JC-J.NET

      Me too. Very interested to hear how people are coping with this pandemic depression!

      • PTL Admin

        Hi Liz, thanks for your discussion topic. It's an interesting one and I hope we get people adding their experiences here. The whole point of this site is that it focuses on real people in this terrible pandemic depression.

        It's a place where people can comment and discuss the issues. Without the boss snooping on them on LinkedIn! LinkedIn is great, but I suspect many people are afraid to say what they really think, in case the boss or a potential employer finds out.

        People on furlough may be nervous about their future. People unemployed may be concerned too, especially when each advertised job position can have hundreds applying. What chance do you have?

        At PeopleTalentLink, you can discuss in public groups or, set up a private group. You can be yourself or, use a pseudonym. Network with each other away from the boss or potential employer. Bring some control back to people by, as you say, making the connections and joining the dots!