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People Talent Link
लोग टैलेंट लिंक
رابط المواهب الشعبية
Enlace de talento de personas
Link de Talento de Pessoas
Mensen Talent Link
Связь талантов с людьми
Kiungo cha watu wa Vipaji


PeopleTalentLink provides a free social space for people to network on business and jobs without the boss snooping on LinkedIn.

REGISTER, invite your friends, colleagues and start building your network.

This site has been launched to provide a social platform, for people to network via mutual business and career interests. Network via blogs, collaborative page documents, messages, internal and external email (invite your friends and colleagues), files, bookmarks.

Form private or public groups (teams) of people with mutual interests and business ideas. Brainstorm, create and innovate together. Make the connections and join the dots. For example, set up a private group for people you are working with on a business project.

We expect new innovative companies and services to grow out of this network, a business incubator for amazing, talented people! Plus the opportunity to share in the growing value of the PeopleTalentLink network.

You can do a lot to help yourself and others on PeopleTalentLink, without the boss watching you!

This is a place for people to be relaxed and have fun too. Be yourself or, use a pseudonym.

The global pandemic depression is damaging people's lives and livelihoods. You can use PeopleTalentLink to network and form new support groups. Invite your friends and colleagues to join you here. Connect and spark new ideas for businesses and jobs. Learn from others and from people with vision.

People need to help themselves and each other. Which companies and industries will survive the pandemic depression? Which technologies and industries will thrive as we emerge into the new economy? Be aware, this is a major change in the global economy and will likely take a few years to recover fully.

Clean energy, energy efficiency, online retail services, health care services, wellbeing, graphics design, web design, computer technologies like blockchain and AI, computer games, web hosting, software, manufacturing, engineering, agriculture, foods, cooking, training, finance, investing, music, drama, arts and crafts, collectables, entertainment, environmental protection, safe sports, fitness, medicine, science, creative writing, technical writing, law, accountancy, plumbing, electrical, gardening, property, DIY? There are many more possibilities...

Think of connections, solving problems, needs, markets, hopes, visions, ideals, practicalities.

What talents, skills do you have and what do you enjoy doing? What makes you happy? Are you good with people? Do you prefer to work alone? Try to align your work with what you find interesting, enjoy and are good at.

Have you considered starting your own business, either on your own or with a partner? Connecting with the right people can help.

Millions have already become unemployed and many more are on furlough with uncertain futures.

With hundreds of people applying for each advertised job position, what chance do you have? How do you know if the company you join now will survive much longer? When you join a new company, even if you do your research beforehand, the full story is not clear until after you have joined and it is too late!

We hope this introduction is interesting and starts you on the road to your success with PeopleTalentLink.

REGISTER, invite your friends, colleagues and start building your network.

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