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What Are Nicotine Patches? Nicotine patches are a type of nicotine replacement therapy. The spot is a small rectangle-shaped self-adhesive pad that you stick onto your skin in a hairless location between your waist and neck. When in place, the spot gradually launches small quantities of nicotine that are soaked up through your skin.

Advantages of Nicotine Patches Many people choose nicotine spots since they provide lasting remedy for nicotine withdrawal signs. The spots are easy to use and do not require you to chew gum or utilize lozenges throughout the day. Nicotine Patch Dosage Nicotine patches are offered in 3 strengths: 21 milligrams, 14 milligrams and 7 milligrams.

The ideal spot for you will depend upon your body size and weight along with the number of cigarettes you smoke each day. Your medical supplier can assist you decide which spot to begin with. When you have discovered the best strength, you can compare the variety of spots that come in a bundle.

How Ask the doctor: Can a nicotine patch boost my blood pressure? can Save You Time, Stress, and Money.

Nicotine Patch Side Effects Nicotine patches do have the potential to cause side results like skin inflammation, sleep disruptions, headaches, nausea and muscle pains. To prevent complications, you need to speak to your medical professional prior to using a nicotine patch. Always follow the instructions printed on the product packaging unless your medical professional gives you other suggestions.

As you move through your quit, your body will get used to less and less nicotine. When cytisine quit smoking finish to each next step, you'll receive a lower dosage of nicotine up until you no longer require any at all.

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The nicotine patch (Habitrol, Nico, Derm, CQ, Nicotrol) is a nicotine replacement medication. The nicotine patch gradually launches nicotine to your body through your skin. This keeps the nicotine in your body stable throughout the day to ease withdrawal symptoms. This allows you to focus on breaking your smoking routines and discover brand-new coping skills.

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There are three different strengths of the nicotine patch: 21mg, 14mg or 7mg. The dose and duration suggestions vary by person. Follow the directions on the label, and ask your doctor or pharmacist to discuss any part you do not understand. Utilize the nicotine spot exactly as directed. How to Use the Spot Pick a non-hairy, clean, dry area of skin; do not use cream or sunscreen on this area.