How to make people reach climax at the same time

Just right foreplay

For women, if they can reach orgasm includes a lot related to foreplay. Some people believe women's sexual arousal is slower, so the longer the foreplay, the higher, but it isn't. Foreplay is perfect, and the second is just right. Foreplay helps to arouse women's sexual desires, so the two parties are happy to blend. But if both parties have reached the point where they desire sex very much, they can skip the foreplay and go directly to the peak of happiness. Needless to say, in most cases, it really is difficult for women to reach the point where they are eager for intimacy at once, so men may use prolonged touching during sex to push women to the edge of excitement and reach climax. A man can reach a standard orgasm by touching a woman's sensitively, however the premise is to ask another party's needs first.

Understanding the orgasm signals of males and females

Both spouses must understand each other's orgasm signals in order to adjust their pace and orgasm with each other. Before the male orgasm, the body will contract tensely, the heel will undoubtedly be stiff, and the movement could be more rapid; before the orgasm, the female will breathe quickly, make sounds unconsciously, stiff your body, and accelerate the movement. If you cannot find these signals accurately, you can even assign each other's codes, such as he caressing your earlobes when he could be about to orgasm, and you whisper to him gently when you are on the verge of excitement.

Women tend to be more active about orgasms

Due to physiological reasons, women?s sexual desire arouses relatively slowly, so women should actively welcome orgasm. When you feel that your husband is about to enter orgasm, you can take some actions to speed up your progress, such as for example stimulating the clitoris, which helps to arouse women?s pleasure .

Make men more durable

Since there is an improvement in orgasm between individuals, women need more time to attain orgasm than men. If you want to synchronize orgasm, as well as making women's orgasms come faster, alternatively, it can extend the time of men's orgasms and make men stronger. Men generally reach orgasm within minutes, while women need additional time. Therefore, the long-lasting man can be an important section of achieving orgasm at the same time. You might as well make an effort to make him hold his breath, or cover his nose for a few seconds to get him back to a state of excitement; or press his yin stem and the yin part when he could be going to orgasm; the sex action is slightly slowed up; temporarily let him He was distracted and waited.

Choose the right position

Reminder: The so-called selection of a suitable synchronized orgasm position is really to choose a position that makes it easier for women to orgasm. For example, backward-entry and female superiors will evoke female orgasm, couples may decide to try it. In the Ladies style, women can fully control the speed and angle of movement and grasp the coming of orgasm. Women can also move their bodies freely to better stimulate to the G point, rendering it easier for themselves to reach orgasm. wish you healthy.

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The knowledge of using Weiergang, Maca, Japanese rattan, and Indian sacred oil
Posted on, may 6, 2021

The younger brother is 42 years old this season, and his wife is 37 years old this year, and her body continues to be burning (I have been married for 10 years, and I still turn to seduce him). I have a solid libido, and my wife is not any exception. Moreover, Madam will satisfy me regardless of what her posture. He often plays the roles of nurses, doctors, cops, flight attendants, etc. When you are young, you can meet the needs of your wife, but when you are not married, you have significantly more than 7 times weekly, and basically about 5 times after you get married. But by age 40 after gradually lost power () libido is still high, the heart was not good, often halfway Cock will be soft), so the usage of Viagra , Maca, Japan's prime vine, a variety of Hindu god oil Drugs The following is an introduction to the use of these drugs.

The knowledge of using Weiergang, Maca, Japanese rattan, and Indian sacred oil

The following medicines are ordered online. Friends who need to buy can buy them independently. Individual medicines can be purchased by friends.

1. Granville Steel

Viagra , Maca, Japan's prime vine, India God oil Instructions - Viagra

Everyone is not unfamiliar with Granville Steel . I have already been using Granville Steel since a few years ago . Viagra can be a medicine I use a whole lot. The reason why I started to contact Weiergang is because my pal got the first Weiergang from him and contains inherited it until now. The result of Granville Steel is very good. I only have to have a quarter of it and Personally i think very sensible. I often respond when my wife undresses, and she won?t be so tired following the shot.

I suggest deploying it when eating Granville, so when you are more leisurely and relaxing. It is possible to score twice in one night. Regarding the side effects, maybe it is because I eat less and have no serious unwanted effects, and generally have fever-like conditions.

2. Maca

Instructions for the usage of Weigang, Maca, Japanese rattan, and Indian oil-Maca

Maca was bought by a good friend of his wife. The wife told her best friend that the husband was refreshed and hardened at will after eating, and the number of outbreaks in the morning also increased. However, I felt refreshed after eating for two months. I don?t think there are more outbreaks each morning. May vary from person to person. However, after eating maca, you will sweat during sleep, and your spirit will improve during the day, and you will not be sleepy when you attend work. I purchased dry black maca, soaked it in wine, drank it into powder, and sliced ??it to make tea. It seemed that there is no auxiliary effect.

3. Japanese rattan

The knowledge of using Weigang, Maca, Japanese rattan and Indian god oil-Japanese rattan

Japanese rattan was introduced by a friend. I heard that Japanese rattan is extracted from pure plant extracts. It has the effect of increasing penis, improving libido, and continuing to harden. Although I don't know if it has the effect of increasing the penis (I've eaten three boxes altogether and did not continue to eat), but I feel excellent after eating. It can have the result of improving libido. It could harden several times in one night. Madam can't bear it. It doesn't feel much to say lasting words.

There must be unwanted effects. Blushing and fever, rapid heartbeat, red eyes, all symptoms will undoubtedly be relieved before the next day. Although not too tired the next day, but thinking about it, I feel that the effect is indeed strong, like burning life to find pleasure, so after eating three boxes, I stopped buying. It may cause harm to the body.

4. Indian god oil

Instructions for using Weigang, Maca, Japanese rattan, and Indian God oil-Indian God oil

Hindu oil would be to extend the time of housing situation. I actually don't possess premature ejaculation. Basically, enough time is about 15-20 minutes. I purchased the Indian oil because I needed to prolong the pleasure and enjoy a more lasting room pleasure. In all honesty, I think it's like anesthetic... the first time I used it, I sprayed it three times, and I barely felt it when I had sex with my partner. I feel like I am a pile driver. Fortunately, it had been found in conjunction with Granville, otherwise I would be a soft cock! In fact, I didn't inject it from the end of the use to the end. I waited for three hours before the drug's efficacy decreased.

I asked the seller, and he said that certain spray is enough, there is no need to spray three times. Try again later, enough time is obvious, but a lot of the pleasure will be sacrificed. After purchasing the Green Knight lasting liquid, 2h2d, and the German King Kong, it is the same.

Let us summarize the knowledge of using these drugs. In fact, buying these medicines is a last resort. If you are 7 years younger, you do not need medication. Some young people usually do not recommend these medicines. You need to exercise more. Because the body may be the biggest capital in sex.

How to make a female sex orgasm
Posted on, may 5, 2021

1. The following two key points are worth keeping in mind.

(1) No-one can "offer you" an orgasm: perhaps through the required stimulation provided by your partner, can you be guided to that state. You must relax mentally and physically to achieve your wish, otherwise even the very best & most experienced "super sex master" will not be able to get you orgasm.

(2) Let your body and mind be completely released: just because no one can "give you" an orgasm, you can't force it. A lot of women complain that regardless of how hard they try, they cannot do it. Therefore, they believe that it is too difficult to achieve orgasm. Orgasm is a kind of relaxation after tension. To reach this state, you must let your system and mind be completely released.

Some women find it very hard to enjoy the feeling of "uncontrollable". Sometimes they feel that they will have almost reached a climax, nonetheless it seems that the center soul will temporarily leave your body and start to examine themselves, so the feeling which has finally accumulated disappears in an instant. Then, it may take a long time to think about things about sex. Some people may be particularly shy when confronted with their body, or do not know how to use some skills, so they always fall short. In a nutshell, only by understanding what a real orgasm is, can you overcome your problems.

2. If you have troubles of this type, or you intend to explore the feeling of reaching orgasm, the following suggestions may be helpful to you.

(1) Relax yourself: First, you must understand your body, calm yourself down first, and don't make up your mind that you must reach an orgasm. You merely need to relax and spend time carefully observing your body.

(2) Relaxing moment: Choose a moment that can be done in private and completely relax, such as for example before going to bed at night, or taking a shower in the bathroom.

(3) Meditate carefully: Remember what I said, about the stimulation of sexual excitement, both physically and mentally are indispensable. First, you must cultivate emotions. For example, reverie about some romantic love stories, or fantasize about "making love" with a singer or actor who makes you crazy. Lie down and close your eyes and meditate carefully. This sort of fantasy can relax your whole body and is a wonderful solution to arouse your excitement. Even when you have sex together with your partner, you can also use this method. This is not to deceive another party, nor could it be said that it is unfair to him, but to be in a special imagination when coming up with love.

(4) Explore the body: Start to explore the body slowly. Don't put the hands directly in the middle of your legs, but touch your shoulders, arms and chest. Focus on the different feelings you are feeling once you touch every inch of your body's skin, and let your thoughts follow your fingers, along any curve of ups and downs. This is a great way to practice, can increase the interest when having sex with your partner.

If you want, you may also use some baby oil or talcum powder to make your hands move around the body very smoothly. Try to imagine that your body is really a map, and "set" various areas, such as the "extremely color restricted area" which makes you feel bad to touch, the "green traffic area" that feels comfortable, and the "yellow" that's okay Recognized area".

(5) Tender touch: Slowly begin to touch the inner thighs, and gently fiddle with your labia with your fingers. It is possible to apply some saliva or lubricating oil on your own fingers and slide gently between the two labias. Then find out the positioning of the clitoris, and slowly rub around the clitoris, you do well!

(6) Do anything you want: Now let yourself experience that wonderful feeling, you will feel your thoughts begin to float, then draw your fingers back, concentrate, and pour all the feelings on your body and fingers . But remember, the objective of doing this is to make your self happy. It doesn't matter whether you have an orgasm in the end, you can stop at any time so long as you want, and take action completely with your own sex.

(7) The climax is coming: If you need to continue, and keep stepping up the practice, you will eventually reach the climax. As I mentioned before, the orgasm is like holding your breath temporarily before sneezing. You'll feel "it's coming soon" and then disappear in an instant. Some techniques may be ideal for reaching orgasm. First, let your system bend back and spread your legs. Let the muscles tighten and soon you feel pain. Hang your head back over the edge of the bed, or simply lie on your back and try to arch your back, exactly the same It also escalates the feeling of tightening the muscles, which will help to reach hawaii of orgasm.

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Note for Weier Steel: Can coffee, tea, soft drinks and energy drinks be distributed to Weier Steel?
Posted on, may 4, 2021

Caffeine-based coffee, tea, carbonated drinks and energy beverages sell well. Therefore, caffeine is also the most commonly used psychotropic drug on the globe. In North America, 90% of adults drink caffeine each day. As a significant tea-drinking country in Taiwan, this proportion can be rising. So? Can Weier Steel be used with beverages containing caffeine?

Do not take it with a drink when taking Viagra

Doctor's advice: take Viagra far better use boiled water to drink, usually do not drink before and after medication and alcohol within one hour

Big data show that Taiwan folks are generally considered tea, Red Bull, Visby or b Bowling This drink can reduce fatigue, enhance physical strength, but Viagra effect is impotence help erections, they meet an extended sex However, drug interactions occur after drugs and beverages enter the stomach. Therefore, viagra , Visby or Baoli reach B-way, and it is recommended to utilize steel carefully. Do not drink tea or beverages within 1 hour before and after taking Viagra . In order to avoid the side ramifications of the drug. In addition, usually do not drink alcohol for 1 hour before and after medication. At length, can I use Viagra after drinking alcohol ? Doctor: Does Granville combine with alcohol to increase the fun? The harm is so great that you can't imagine it!

The sodium and other elements within Vikbi and Bolida B beverages will increase the burden on the body, which may cause negative effects such as for example increased load on the heart and increased blood pressure, so it is best never to drink for heart and hypertension patients; Red Bull , Vitamin B contains electrolytes such as for example potassium and sodium. Once the level of exercise is low, you don't have to supplement these electrolytes. Long-term drinking may cause hyperkalemia and hypernatremia; Red Bull, Vizbi or Baolida b contain a small amount of stimulants, which stimulate the liver and kidneys. , Cause lesions, so it's best never to drink sports drinks that contain preservatives and different food additives. Vizbi and Baoli reach b

Viagra can be an aphrodisiac improve erectile function in impotence drugs, but there are less side effects.

Contraindications: Men with urethritis and leukemia may have an erection for a long period without falling down. Therefore, it will damage the genital muscle tissue and aggravate impotence. If the erection does not disappear after 4 hours, it is recommended to seek medical attention immediately

Dizziness: Clinical trials have shown that the medial side effects are basically within the acceptable range, but about 2% of the users have severe headaches. The bigger the dose, the worse the headache. Dizziness: About 3% of the drug users sometimes experience temporary blurred vision or the illusion of seeing blue light. Taking Weiergang must focus on the appropriate dosage, it is just a long-term and safe administration

Absolute: All PDE-5 inhibitors, such as for example Granville, have the main effect of dilating blood vessels in the penis. The drug may cause a sudden drop in blood circulation pressure. Taking nitroglycerin and other drugs simultaneously will quickly cause dizziness or fainting. symptom. Blood pressure drops: Taking Viagra could cause blood circulation pressure to drop, but if it includes nitroglycerin and nitrates along with other heart disease drugs, blood circulation pressure will also drop. Alcohol gets the effect of dilating blood vessels, so avoid taking alcohol and Viagra concurrently

The last thing to note is that energy beverages basically contain caffeine, so excessive intake is not recommended. On the contrary, it'll bring a burden to the body, so it is not recommended to consume excessively under normal conditions. The best way to maintain a good spirit would be to maintain regular rest and moderate exercise. Regarding high-level physical activity performance and high concentration, use a can of energy drink to perfectly exert your strength!