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Hair Transplant Turkey - Istanbul Hair has actually always been a vital element of appearance for both males and females, impacting their sense of confidence depending on whether they have thick or thin hair. Today, having strong healthy hair is considered among the principal ways of bring in the attention of the opposite sex.

The treatable form of hair loss is called androgenetic alopecia. Over the last decade, due to technical and technological improvements in microsurgical tools, natural looking hair transplantation are now possible. How does hair transplant work? Hair transplantation Turkey includes extracting hair from a donor location (generally the back of the head, however also the beard and other areas if required) and implanting them in an area where there is little to no hair development.

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In this brief post, we will share information about the following subjects: preparation for the hair transplant operation; the crucial phases of a hair transplant procedure; the expense of hair transplant; and things to think about after hair transplantation. This Is Noteworthy for the Hair Transplant Operation Congratulations, you have actually chosen to have a hair transplant treatment.

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What about the Pre-op period? Have you really prepared yourself for the operation? We recommend that you take note of the following points:- Make certain that you have asked all the needed concerns which you have received clear responses. - Stop smoking and taking aspirin 7 days before, and drinking caffeine, green tea and alcohol 3 days prior to the operation.- Organize so that there is a resting period of at least 3 days following the treatment.- Make certain to have a healthy breakfast prior to the operation.


- On the day of the procedure, you need to wear a buttoned up t-shirt or a sweatshirt with a front zipper. Prevent using clothing that might enter contact with your head when undressing or dressing up, in order to avoid any possible damage to the recently transplanted grafts. - Make certain to be on time at the center.

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There are three essential phases to a hair transplantation treatment: 1. The Preliminary Stage: This phase covers all the actions from the minute of your arrival to the administration of regional anesthesia. This is the first crucial action to figure out whether the client may have a condition preventing them to go ahead with the treatment.