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If you're all set to bring your model to life, contact us today. With a commitment to customer care, a dedication to quick cycle times with quality outcomes and scalability from a single model to high-volume production runs, SIMTEC can make your vision a truth.


Item Principle - Model Development - Production It all starts with an idea for a development or product that you think has industrial capacity. On your method to establishing your concept, you will require a three dimensional physical representation before you go to production and that's where Smooth-On rubber, plastic and foam materials been available in.

Our prototyping customer list includes Apple Computer system, Dell Computer, NASA, SONY, General Motors, Ford Motor Company, The US Army, Boeing, Advanced Medical Gadgets, Martin Guitar, Disney, Bose, Moen and thousands of other industry leaders all over the world. If you can imagine it, you can produce it using Smooth-On rubbers, plastics and foams.

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After more than 150 years at the leading edge of rubber engineering, Martin's Rubber knows a thing or 2 about how to make a rubber model. We have actually established countless prototypes over the years through a process of collaboration, CAD modelling and in-house tooling; conserving consumers precious time, money and effort while doing so.

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What is a prototype and why is prototyping important? Read More Here is an early sample or model to evaluate a principle or procedure before going to production. Prototyping is necessary in making due to the fact that it enables for a collaborative testing process that eventually eliminates any unforeseen and for that reason costly mistakes. Naturally, it is far much better for a rubber prototype to stop working than a mission vital part like a seal to fail.

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Working with a knowledgeable rubber prototyper, like Martin's Rubber, from the design principle through to the point of production is the surest path to guaranteeing item and tool design is not just fit for purpose however also provides on all your operational objectives. How to make a rubber model The initial step towards making a rubber model with Martin's Rubber is to have a chat with you to discover about your application requirements.