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It is very important to keep in mind that cases where the client ends up discontented with the last outcome are frequently the cases where the client has failed to provide sufficient post-operative care following a successful hair transplant. Just like all visual procedures, post-operative care is crucial to accomplishing the very best possible results.

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We also supply a post-operative set which includes a handbook with more comprehensive info about post-operative care.

"I 'd been looking at a hair transplant from the start; it's the best and only long-term solution. But the rates here in the UK are so pricey. I couldn't manage it at the time, so I tried other, over-the-counter options rather, such as loss of hair shampoos and Minoxidil (a hair regrowth drug), but nothing actually worked for me.

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Age is no barrier to hair loss. Grownups are more likely to experience it, but it's not unprecedented in children. Hair loss impacts both males and females similarly. Loss of hair can be caused by a variety of elements, consisting of hormonal imbalance, heredity, aging, and often alopecia. As the name recommends, this is a surgical treatment that moves hair from a less densely populated place to one that is.

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There is a growing cultural approval of this treatment due to the fact that of its pledge to provide a long-lasting service to hair loss and thus bring back victims' self-confidence. or micrografts might be used depending on the intensity of the case. If you're trying to find an affordable destination to have your hair transplant, then Turkey is your gig.


Following extensive research study, this article will compare hair transplants in Mexico and Turkey, their benefits and drawbacks, in addition to the very best centers in both cities. Turkey Affordable prices, Low-cost lodging and overall cost of living High success rate Depending upon location, transport might be costly, Poor follow-up Leading 3 centers 1- Capilclinic Turkey General summary With more than ten years of experience, Dr Oguz and his group at Capilclinic are specialists in hair implanting in Turkey, and they can cover any bald area thanks to the clinic's first-class centers and the know-how of their team.