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Summary of the creation The object of this innovation is to provide a kind of PLC hydraulic proportional concurrent jacking system for bridge jacking, embrace this system smoothly the existing bridge in city to be changed and to be promoted. Today invention is that the technical scheme that its technical issue of solution embraces is, A PLC hydraulic proportional synchronous jacking system for bridge jacking, comprises hydraulic jacking system, spots sensor-based system and computer system control system, where: Hydraulic jacking system, makes up the many groups hydraulic jack for jacking bridge, arranges hydraulic jack more and connects hydraulic power system, is also provided with pressure sensor on hydraulic jack; Detect sensor-based system, make up for detection of the stay wire displacement sensing unit of bridge jacking displacement and the pressure sensor on hydraulic jack; Computer system control system, consists of that PLC controller also connects a computer system console for the PLC controller to pumping plant pipage control signal; Pressure sensor and stay wire displacement sensing unit are moved to PLC controller and computer system console by circuit by signal feedback.

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Explained stay wire displacement sensor is 14. The precision of stay wire displacement sensing unit is 2. 0mm. The creation has the advantages that, embrace PLC to control the jacking speed that hydraulic jack ratio simultaneous jacking system is accurately managed jack, recognize the ratio synchronization of jacking up of bridge.

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By hydraulic jack, precisely according to the real loading of bridge, jacking bridge reposefully, the subsidiary stress that jacking process Bridge goes through drops to minimum. In This Is Noteworthy , hydraulic jack is divided into 16 groups according to dispersing position, by 8 pumping station with extra-high voltage, a set of control system, displacement detector etc., form position closed loop with matching 14 displacement transducers (stay wire sensor), to control displacement and the attitude of bridge jacking, synchronization accuracy is 2.

The particular personification For technological methods, production characteristic that the present invention is understood, reach item and result is simple to comprehend, listed below in combination with diagram and particular personification, additional state the present development. System the key technical indexes explained in the present personification 1. 1 General Requirements Hydraulic system working pressure: 63.