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Throwable Japanese hidden weapon A (Japanese:; literally: "covert hand blade") is a Japanese concealed weapon that was utilized as a surprise dagger or metsubushi to distract or misdirect. They are likewise understood as throwing stars, or ninja stars, although they were originally created in several shapes. The significant ranges of shuriken are the b shuriken (, stick shuriken) and the hira shuriken (, flat shuriken) or shaken (, wheel shuriken, also read as kurumaken).

Bo-shuriken [edit] A Bo-shuriken is a throwing weapon including a straight iron or steel spike, usually four-sided however sometimes round or octagonal in section. Some examples have points on both ends. The length ranges from 12 to 21 cm (5812 in) and the typical weight from 35 to 150 grams (1.

4 ounces). They should not be confused with the kunai, which is a thrusting and stabbing carry out that is often thrown. Bo-shuriken were built from a wide array of everyday items, and as such came in numerous shapes and sizes. Some derived their names from the materials of which they were made, such as kugi-gata (nail kind), hari-gata (needle form) and tant- gata (knife type); some were named after an object of comparable appearance, such as hoko-gata (spear kind), matsuba-gata (pine-needle kind); while others have names that are purely detailed, such as kankyuto (piercing tool kind), kunai-gata (utility tool form), or teppan (plate metal) and biao (pin).

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The major tossing methods are the jiki da-ho (direct-hit approach), and the han-ten da-ho (turning-hit method). These two are technically different, in that the former does not allow the blade to spin before it hits the target, while the latter needs that the blade spin. Additional Info forged Japanese bo shuriken (iron throwing darts with linen flights) Other items such as hairpins, kogata (utility knife), and chopsticks were included the exact same way as bo-shuriken, although they were not connected with any particular school of shurikenjutsu.

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This is partly since shurikenjutsu was a secret art and likewise due to the fact that throughout early Japanese history there were many independent exponents of the skill of throwing long, thin objects. The earliest-known referral to a school teaching shurikenjutsu is to Ganritsu Ryu, active during the 17th century.