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I truly can not thank you enough." Sara Wicks, LCSW, NY" I highly suggest this work to EVERY therapist. Bret and Sheila are dazzling together, well-grounded in research, extremely caring and safe, and AMAZING ..." Belle Hazlehurst, REGISTERED NURSE, MFTHealing Pity - The Core Workshop, Melting the Pity Freeze: Utilizing Somatic Strategies to Create Safety and Construct Attunement, Through the Looking Glass: Using Imaginal Resources to Recover Shame, Healing Shame in Inner Childrenand Actual Children, Recovery Embarassment in the Inner Teenagerand Actual Teenagers, Healing Pity in Couples, Sex and Shame, Pity and the Body: Body Image, Eating Disorders and Embodiment Embarassment and Aging, Advanced 1: Returning the Pity, Advanced 2: Shame, Shifting: Transforming Hazardous Shame into Healthy Embarassment, Sheila Rubin and her spouse, Bret Lyon, co-lead Healing Pity workshops in lots of cities in the U.S.

They are based in Berkeley, California, where they offer workshops numerous times a year, in addition to a full training program for therapists. They provide workshops and training online as well. For info and a complete schedule, go to.

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Click image for bigger variation. Image Facebook by Michael Betzold From the June, 2020 issue "Real is how I do things," therapist Jo Benson composes on her site, . Related Source Here , who's presently performing her practice online, invites prospective clients "to start walking in the shoes of the woman you know you're suggested to be." Benson's website notes her BA from St.