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Not only is IDX effective and flexible enough to satisfy all of your user and data management requires, but it covers whatever in an easy-to-use plan that makes decentralized identity accessible to all Web3 designers. Created to be cross-platform and highly configurable, IDX is suitable with all blockchains, wallets, and a wide variety of user and application data storage alternatives including Ceramic, Textile, Orbit, DB, Filecoin, IPFS, Sia, and Secure Data Stores so you can effortlessly integrate decentralized identity with the rest of your Web3 tech stack.


Why decentralized identity? If you've ever asked yourself any of these questions, then you ought to certainly think about adding a decentralized identity system to your development stack. How can I produce a to associate information resources from a range of platforms to a single user? How can I enhance my user experience with? How can users produce a within and across numerous blockchain platforms? How can users by connecting their Web3 identity to existing Web2 social accounts (i.

Twitter), various anti-sybil systems (i. e. Bright, ID), domain names (i. e. Additional Info , ENS, Handshake), and identity verification services (i. e. KYC)? How can users develop a universal and portable of followers, buddies, and contacts? How can I in such a way that isn't siloed to my application, gives users ultimate control and mobility over their data, and deals with all of their existing wallets/accounts? How do I that a user has created on another application, platform, or network so that I can use it inside my app? IDX: An open identity structure for Web3Decentralized identity and user-centric data management are intricate, broad-ranging abilities that touch nearly every other element of your app architecture.

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Construct with merged digital identities, Using IDX, all applications can access a shared, globally-available identity layer that consists of merged users identities. Built 100% on permissionless protocols, IDX allows users and their crucial info to perfectly flow and interoperate throughout platforms, while providing users the ownership and control they require.