PeopleTalentLink - New Site for Business and Jobs in the Pandemic Depression

PeopleTalentLink provides a free social space for people to network on business and jobs without the boss snooping on LinkedIn.

REGISTER, invite your friends, colleagues and start building your network.

This site has been launched to provide a social platform, for people to network via mutual business and career interests. Network via blogs, collaborative page documents, messages, internal and external email (invite your friends and colleagues), files, bookmarks.

Form private or public groups (teams) of people with mutual interests and business ideas. Brainstorm, create and innovate together. Make the connections and join the dots. For example, set up a private group for people you are working with on a business project.

We expect new innovative companies and services to grow out of this network, a business incubator for amazing, talented people! Plus the opportunity to share in the growing value of the PeopleTalentLink network; PeopleTalentLink (PTL) digital utility coins (ERC-20 coins on Ethereum blockchain) will be sent to the most active members.

You can do a lot to help yourself and others on PeopleTalentLink, without the boss watching you!

This is a place for people to be relaxed and have fun too. Be yourself or, use a pseudonym.