Ruger Vaquero Holsters – Style And Sturdiness In A Single Design

    Mathew Philips

    Owning a Ruger vaquero means you are a gun enthusiast. The six-shot single-action revolver is a classic from the late 90s and is still in use now. It has the nickname, the cowboy action gun, which means that the ruger vaquero holsters must have the style and beauty to them, just like the guns themselves.

    The Ruger Vaquero is the perfect combination of strength and beauty. The gun is reliable due to its strength and mechanics, which is highly superior. It is the main reason it has earned its name and is used so widely.

    Another nickname that this gun has is "the gun that won the new west". This name was given for its increasing popularity and demand in the cowboy action competitions. Also, the single-action shooters love this firearm.

    Now there are many Ruger vaquero holsters available in the market. Different types and different styles are there. The vaquero is a gun to show off. So to choose the perfect gun holster you need to know the types and characteristics of the available ones.

    1. Customized vs mass-produced –

    The Ruger Vaquero has a unique style to it that deserves special attention. Hence getting the customized one is always a better idea. The size and shape will be designed only for you and you will get to increase its utility by adding or reducing any features that you like or don't like respectively.

    The mass-produced ones are also good, but before buying, you should always match them with your gun properly. You will be able to adjust the holster to your body with few modifications but the part that holds the gun should fit perfectly because that would be very hard to change.

    1. Over the waist holsters vs shoulder holsters –

    The Ruger Vaquero is a cowboy gun. And nowadays it is mainly used for sporting events or competitions. Hence getting a good, leather-made, stylish over the waist holster is more suitable for it. It has the perfect style of the cowboys.

    However, if you wish for it to be more comfortable, then you can go with the shoulder holster. Which will also allow you to conceal the gun. Both the holsters are good and can be very fashionable, but the waist holsters are more suitable than Ruger Vaquero holsters.

    1. Open top holsters or paddle holsters –

    Open top holsters are also very commonly used for the vaquero as it is very convenient during sporting events due to their ease of drawing. The paddle holsters are for people who like simple and minimalist designs. It is very easy to take care of. Both of these holsters are good and you can choose the one that suits you more and fulfils your needs.

    Getting the perfect holster for your gun can be a very confusing and hard job. But if you list down all your needs and start searching for the perfect one like that, then you would surely get the best one.